Eco Friendly Vegetable Oil Candles

Are you sure you’re not unknowingly polluting the air in your home with toxic particles?

For many people, one of life’s simplest and most satisfying pleasures is coming home at the end of a stressful day and lighting a scented candle to make them feel relaxed and at peace.

For others, candles set the mood for dinner parties and family get togethers. They’re also considered a wonderful gift and are lit for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

Yet the candles you love may also be filling the air around you with lead emissions and carcinogenic soot.

What’s wrong with “normal” candles?

The industrial revolution brought about the use of cheap by products of petroleum production to produce candles. Paraffin became the norm to make cheap candles. These paraffin candles remain the most common form available today.

Paraffin-based candles are a health hazard

While they may be affordable and come in dozens of scents, paraffin candles may be just as dangerous to your health as secondhand smoke.

The toxic pollutants released into the air when burning paraffin candles can cause serious health problems.

The majority of these harmful substances come from colours, scents and fragrances which are added to the candle wax or wick.

What Eco Friendly candles are there?

Stearin candles

Stearin wax candles are almost always made from palm oil. Being a natural resource stearin is completely biodegradable allowing you to put your candle residuals into your organic waste or compost.

Stearin candles also burn longer and soot and drip significantly less than paraffin candles.

40cm stearin taper candles

Non drip smokeless stearin candles will take away the worry of wax dripping onto things and places that you really don’t want it to get to. There are many other benefits of stearin candles, such as the quality of the flame and that they emitt very little smoke.

Candles with waxes made from renewable resources are generally the healthier and more eco friendly alternatives to paraffin candles.

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